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Cultivate Authentic
Accountable Communities
among Christian Investors.

Ample Gathering brings investors into an exclusive gathering to share, discuss, learn, and evaluate ways for investing in enterprises of enduring value whether individually or with an aligned group.

Each city goes through a 3-fold process: development (before), implementation (during), and growth (after). The experience is made to compliment other Faith-Driven, Redemptive, and Kingdom-minded groups.

A new generation seeks the Lord differently than the last.
We affirm Scripture to invest with excellence and faithfulness.
We recognize our individual journeys as well as our common purpose.
We acknowledge this distinct mission and our diverse backgrounds.
We invest because of his investment in us, so many more may know him.
As we understand the resources entrusted to us,
we see the ample opportunity to engage and glorify him.

Nashville, TN

Started Spring 2019

Atlanta, GA

Starting Fall 2019

Future Cities

Contact Us for 2020

When Considering Ample for your Community

Ample Gathering acknowledges our shared values and Christianity as the common denominator to invest, not financial returns on investment. This does not mean we ‘concede’ financial returns. In the complex, highly adaptive markets, varied returns already exist.

We offer Case Studies of Investor approaches that allow individuals and groups to engage in the emerging market for Faith-Driven Investing. Attendees will learn about pioneers in the arena as well as trends in Impact Investing, ESG, and Socially Responsible Investments. We challenge participants while encouraging each person’s individual contribution to the growing ecosystem. Whether you are an active investor or just have made your first investments, Ample provides a place to interact with others in the journey. Every city has a core team of local, credible investors.

Our goal is to facilitate the start of a new community of practice and allow groups around the country to grow, interact, and provide wisdom for the founders and entrepreneurs who eagerly wish for alignment.┬áTo learn more about Ample Gathering’s programs, process, and partnerships, reach out to us.